Young Joo Son

Ph.D. Candidate · Building Performance and Diagnostics · School of Architecture · Carnegie Mellon University

I am a Ph.D. candidate in School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University advised by Prof.Vivian Loftness. My research interests lie in the field of indoor environmental quality, post occupancy evaluation, thermal comfort, and thermal alliesthesia in thermal pleasure. I have diverse range of scholarly activities at hand, such as field research, experimental research, developing comfort model, and establishing database. I am currently working on the database which contains occupant satisfaction responses, building system attributes, and environmental measures collected in more than 60 office buildings. This would contribute to finding out associations between each other, suggesting strategies to improve occupants satisfaction by providing occupants with adequate indoor environmental quality with supportive building design.


Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. student
August 2016 - Present

Yonsei University

M.S. Interior Architecture and Built Environment

Cumulative GPA: 4.18/4.3 (4.0/4.0)

M.S. Thesis: “Electroencephalogram (EEG) Variations Associated with Alliesthesia: Thermal Pleasure Induced by Temperature Step-change”

March 2014 - February 2016

Yonsei University

B.S. Interior Architecture and Built Environment

Major GPA: 4.16/4.3 (3.94/4.0, Graduation with High Honors)

Exchange student, University of California Santa Barbara (August 2012 - May 2013)

March 2010 - February 2014

Research Experience

Carnegie Mellon University

Research assistant
- National Environmental Assessment Toolkit (NEAT) Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) + dddMeasurement Study
August 2016 - Present

Yonsei University

Research assistant

- Development of Comfort Model for Automobile to Validate Comfort Prediction.

- A Study on the Combined Effects of Indoor Environment (thermal, air, acoustics, and light) on Occupants’ Comfort

- A Research on Indoor Environmental Quality in Subway Stations.

- Optimization of Comfortable Conditions for Occupants.

- Development of ASHRAE Database MKⅡ

- Understanding Occupants’ Comfort Associated with Their Activities in the Korean Healthy House.

July 2011 - June 2016



Youngjoo Son and Chungyoon Chun (2018), Electroencephalogram to Measure Thermal Pleasure in Thermal Alliesthesia in Temperature Step-change, Indoor Air. [www]

Conference Papers

Young Joo Son, Azizan Aziz and Vivian Loftness (2018), “Visual Environmental Qualities Associated with Occupant Satisfaction in Multiple Office Buildings.” Indoor Air Conference, Philadelphia, PA, US.

Youngjoo Son, Jieun Han and Chungyoon Chun (2017). “Electroencephalogram (EEG) variations associated with alliesthesia: thermal pleasure induced by temperature step-change.” Symposium for Annex 69, Heidelberg, Germany.

Seoyeon Yun, Youngjoo Son and Chungyoon Chun (2016). “Correlation between Mean Skin Temperature and Overall Thermal sensation.” Architectural Institute of Korea Conference, Seoul, Korea.

Youngjoo Son and Chungyoon Chun (2015). “Brain Wave and Thermal Pleasure with Temperature Step-change.” Korean Society for Indoor Environment Conference, Seoul, Korea. Best Research Paper Award.

Jieun Han, Youngjoo Son and Chungyoon Chun (2015). “Indoor Climate and Air Quality in Subway Stations in Seoul.” The ISHVAC-Cobee Conference, Tianjin, China.

Youngjoo Son, Jieun Han and Chungyoon Chun (2015). “Passenger’s Evaluation on Environmental Comfort in Subway Station in Winter.” Architectural Institute of Korea Conference, Seoul, Korea.

Youngjoo Son and Chungyoon Chun (2015). “Temperature Step-change and Thermal Pleasure.” The Korean Home Economics Association Conference, Seoul, Korea.

Youngjoo Son, Yoorim Choi, Minjung Kim, Yongmin Kim and Chungyoon Chun (2014). “Occupants’ Stress based on Brain Waves and Salivary Alpha-amylase Responses on Each PMV Condition.” Indoor Air Conference, Hong Kong, China.

honors & awards

  • Graduate Scholarship, Carnegie Mellon University, August 2016 - present.
  • Research Assistanship, Carnegie Mellon University, August 2017 - May 2018.
  • Best Research Paper Award, Korean Society for Indoor Environment Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2015
  • Research Grant for Graduate Student, Brain Korea 21 Plus project, The Korean Ministry of Science, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Future Planning, August 2014 – 2015.
  • Graduate Scholarship, Yonsei University, 2014 – 2015.
  • Graduation with High Honors, Yonsei University, February 2014.
  • Excellent Graduation Project Award, Yonsei University, February 2014.

Teaching Assistant Experience

Carnegie Mellon University

[94-842] R Programming Analysis, Fall 2018

[48-729] Energy, Productivity, Health and the Quality of the Built Environment, Fall 2017 and Fall 2018

[90-728] Introduction to Database Management, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, and Spring 2019

[48-721] Building Controls and Diagnostics, Spring 2018 and Spring 2019